FAQs para routers Teltonika

En este post queremos compartir con vosotros un apartado de la wiki de Teltonika especialmente útil donde podéis encontrar respuesta directa a las preguntas más frecuentes. En los links inferiores tenéis los accesos directos a las preguntas descritas.

  • Troubleshooting, debuging, router recovery
    • RMA guidelines for networking devices
    • My router went to „Safe mode“, what should I do?
    • I entered the wrong password several (5) times and now I cannot reach the router’s WebUI, what should I do?
    • Port forwarding does not work, what should I do?
    • How to download and upload a backup file?
    • How can I restart a router that can‘t be accessed remotely via the Internet?
    • Settings deleted after reboot
    • Bootloader menu
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