ISCOM2608G-2GE como remplazo del SM10T2DPA de Transition Networks

El switch ISCOM2608G-2GE es un switch para montaje en rack 19» que dispone de 8 puertos de cobre 10/100/1000BaseTX y dos uplinks combo Gigabit. Gracias a sus reducidas dimensiones (260 x 130 x 43.6 mm) está especialmente indicado para su instalación en armarios en alumbrado público, semaforización y control de acceso de vehículos a zonas de bajas emisiones (ZBE) como remplazo del modelo SM10T2DPA de Transition Networks (280 x 166 x 44 mm) ya descatalogado.


  • High capacity, high density
  • High reliability and protection
    • STP, RSTP, MSTP, and multi-RSTP
    • LACP and MLACP
    • ITU-T G.8032 with fault switching time less than 50ms
    • Dual-system and dual-configuration-file redundancy backup
  • Various security guarantees
    • Various AAA mode such as RADIUS and TACACS+
    • IEEE 802.1x authentication
    • Port secure MAC and limits on the MAC addresses to stop attacks from illegal users
    • Various ACL policies to control packet forwarding flexibly
    • DHCPv4/v6 Snooping and Option 82/18/37 to avoid DHCP attacks
    • DAI and IP Source Guard based on the DHCP binding table to prevent ARP flooding attacks and IP attacks
    • Broadcast storm and loop detection to ensure the stability of the network
    • Lightning protection for the power supply and all the Ethernet electric interfaces and protect hardware investment of the customer
  • Fine tunable QoS
    • Rich scheduling policy such as SP, WRR, or SP+WRR, DRR, or SP+DRR
    • Dual-bucket three-color CAR based on the traffic and H-CAR
    • Statistics based on traffic
  • IPv6 Ready
    • IPv6 management
    • IPv6 ACL
    • DHCPv6 Snooping, RA Snooping and Option18/37 to ensure the network security
    • MLD Snooping to ensure the IPv6 multicast monitoring
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